With the aim of promoting the social welfare of the physically disabled and their social participation by self-sustaining, National Federation of the Physically Disa-bled and their Parents Associations (Zenshiren) is carry-ing out various activities as follows:

1) To make efforts for founding the environments to enable the physically disabled to sustain themselves independently.
2) To develop the social education and understanding with regard to the social welfare of the physically disabled.
3) To conduct researches and studies into the social welfare of the physically disabled.
4) To disseminate the knowledge of legal institutions/ facilities, services and care pertinent to the physically disabled and to make help and assistance in order to foster and consolidate the Prefectural Associations of the Physically Disabled and their Parents.
5) To carry out fund raising operations necessary to achieve the aims and objectives.
6) To promote the mutual exchange of the physically disabled and their parents to solve their common problems.
7) To raise the problems with which the physically disabled are confronted as well as their real position to the public and carry out the activities to deepen the social understanding of them.
8) To make representations to the competent administra-tive bodies in order to improve institutions and faci-lities of the medical care, education, profession employ-ment and livelihood of the physically d.sabled as well as their position.